Dentist Augusta GA Dr Westmoreland

William Palmer Westmoreland, DMD

Westmoreland Dental Team at Dental Partners of South Augusta by David Russell Photography

Dr. W. Palmer Westmoreland of LaGrange, Georgia, completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia. Encouraged by his father to build his future by using his hands, Dr. Westmoreland answered the calling to be a dentist and completed his dental degree at the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry in 2003. While in dental school, he met his wife Sara and together they decided to remain in the Augusta area for its big city/ small town feel. Both Dr. and Mrs. Westmoreland are very involved with their community and church, as well as raising three energetic, young sons! Dr. Westmoreland’s mission to bring dental health care extends beyond the CSRA. He has been part of a volunteer team of dentists, treating patients in Peru, Ecuador and Trinidad, just to name a few.